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By Yvonne Blackwood~

One of the reasons why I enjoy art so much is that individuals can see a painting from many different perspectives, and there is nothing one can do to make them see it as you do. We can say the same about landscapes; from a distance you may see a horse while I could swear that the view is that of a large rotten apple.

On a tour of Mykonos, one of the Greek Islands, known for its partying, we stopped at a restaurant near the beach to have lunch and a quick swim (for some people). After dipping my feet in the turquoise waters, I looked across the sea to the landscape on other side of the Island. An interesting sight caught my eyes—two mounds separated by a flat area. Our tour guide said we were looking at Aphrodite’s Breasts! I could clearly see two breasts.

Aphrodite's Breasts, Mykonos
Aphrodite’s Breasts, Mykonos

Breast-shaped hills or mountains in the shape of human breasts—sometimes called paps—are  found all over the world. In some cultures they are revered, and people regard them as attributes of Mother Goodness, a goodness that can signify motherhood, fertility, and nature. Two other examples of this anthropomorphic feature are Mola Murada, a mountain in Spain, and Nassa Hablood (“Virgin’s Breast Mountain”) located in Somalia.

Can you see breasts in the picture above?