Welcome to my blog!

It is not by chance that I’m writing this blog. Originally, the articles were mainly about tea with a spattering of posts on a variety of other exciting subjects based on my travels around the world.

Living in a very cosmopolitan city, I’ve had the marvellous exposure to so many brands and types of teas, it makes my head spin! In addition, my travels have afforded me the opportunity to sample some amazing teas. It was these factors that started me on a path of exploration.

But the catalyst that propelled me into exploratory action was a university natural science course that I did titled “Understanding Food.” Although only a small segment of the course dealt with tea, there was enough information about it to raise my curiosity to delve deeper.

But life can take such interesting turns! I published four children’s picture books during 2017, and developed some important information that I just had to share. As a result, I have written numerous helpful articles about writing for children which I hope you have learned something from and enjoyed. Naturally, I will continue to share travel anecdotes and world information so stay tuned!

I’d be delighted to hear from you.