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 “Yvonne Blackwood is the author of Into Africa a Personal Journey (Amazon’s Best seller under Ghana in 2002); Into Africa: the Return, and Will that be Cash or Cuffs?  She has published several short stories in anthologies, and won the Canadian authors’ Association millennium short story contest in 2002. She has written articles for In Touch magazine, and published numerous articles in newspapers including the Toronto Star. Blackwood is a retired banker and a world traveler.”


It is not by chance that I started writing this blog about mainly tea. Growing up in the Caribbean under a strict culture had prepared me to undertake this venture although I didn’t know it then.  As a child, one of the first things I had to do in the mornings was to eat breakfast. It could be an elaborate meal or a mere snack, but whatever it was, it had to include a hot cup of tea. The adults always drank coffee, but children were not allowed to drink that beverage (according to the older folks, it would stunt our growth). So all during my childhood tea was the first order of the day, and this continued into adulthood. Interestingly, I never transitioned to drinking coffee.

As an adult living in a very cosmopolitan city, I’ve had the marvellous exposure to so many brands and types of teas, it makes my head spin! In addition, I have traveled all over the world and have had the opportunity to sample some amazing teas. It is these factors that started me on a path of exploration. I wanted to learn more and more about the beverage that I find so soothing and delightful. Frankly, for me, there is nothing quite like a cup of tea in the afternoon. Of course I drink tea morning, noon, and night too, and in between!

But the catalyst that propelled me into exploratory action was a university natural science course that I did titled “Understanding Food.” Although only a small segment of the course dealt with tea, there was enough information about it to raise my curiosity to delve deeper.

In more recent times, since I published two children’s picture books, the blog has focused more on writing. Of course I have also shared several anecdotes and stories garnered during my travels all over the world.

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